Should I Purchase Travel Insurance

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance? When you are asked this question how would you answer it? Well, for me the answer is ALWAYS yes. I find that most of the replies to this question is… Is it really worth it? Do I really need it? I don’t want to spend extra money on a vacation that I know I’m going on. Those are a few of the pushback responses I get.

With the recent stories coming out of Dominican Republic and especially in theĀ  Punta Cana resort area, many people are now afraid to vacation there. As such people are looking to cancel their vacations that they have booked already there.

These stories are terrible and my thoughts and prayers are with the families affected. These things shouldn’t be happening at vacation resorts. Hopefully these tragic events will get solved so that people can enjoy going on vacation without having the thought of fearing for their lives.

This is not me trying to take advantage of a terrible situation and asking you to add travel protection insurance to your vacation package but to rather highlight a common question that people are wishy washy on. The dreaded question of… should I purchase travel insurance?

In my opinion you should always purchase travel insurance. As a travel advisor when I give my clients a quote, it will always include travel insurance. Granted most of the time you will not cancel your vacation but sometimes there might be something going on or something comes up that you have no control of that will make you want to cancel vacation. The situation in Punta Cana is a great example or another example is a probability of a hurricane where you will be vacationing. Let me give you a quick real life situation why trip insurance is a must.

I have a client who booked an all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana 3 months ago. When I booked their vacation they also purchased travel insurance. In light of what is going on currently in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic they decided to cancel their trip. Bummer right, well not so fast. Since they had the travel insurance they were able to recoup all the money that they paid (less the cost of the travel insurance). They were able to use that credit to book another destination.

Not a bad deal considering if they did not purchase travel insurance. If they did not purchase the travel insurance they would have either lost their money or they could have just gone to Punta Cana with the thought of, is Punta Cana safe? Having to worry about what could happen to them while they where there. To me that does not sound like a vacation.

In closing I hope this post “Should I Purchase Travel Insurance” showed you what a great benefit it is for you to purchase travel insurance.

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