Aruba Entry Requirements for Visitors

Aruba Entry Requirements for Visitors

COVID Protocols & guidance recommendations. What are the Aruba Entry Requirements for Visitors when Traveling to Aruba? This is all subject to change. For more detailed information visit

Aruba Entry Requirements for Visitors


I was on a call with one of the vendors I use recently and they went over the current Aruba Entry Requirements. I also went to to review the requirements. Just a full disclosure on the image above. That image isn’t mine. I’m using it as a guide to put together a high level view of what is required. Hopefully I won’t confuse people.. lol

You are required to complete a NON RESIDENT ED Card. ==>


Items 1 & 2 will be basic info.. details such as: date of birth, passport information, length of stay, etc


Item 3 is a COVID test… 3 days prior to arrival. Taking the test at Walgreens is the preferred method. Aruba personal at the entry point are comfortable with the wording on the test results. Others will work but Walgreens will be the smoothest. There is an option to take a COVID test in Aruba but it will cost you $75 and you will have to Quarantine until you get your results… Typically 6 – 10 hours.


Item 4 is COVID insurance it costs $30 per adult.


Item 5 is you agreeing to Aruba’s rules while you are there.


You may be saying to yourself what if I’m FULLY vaccinated? If you are are FULLY vaccinated there is a different process, however Aruba is only accepting vaccinations if they were done by Walmart or Sams Club. There is app called Smart app that you can use to upload your proof of vaccination.

I will do my best to keep up with the current requirements. Ok, I think I covered it. If you haveĀ  any questions you can head on over to the Lombardo Travels Facebook Fan Page. I will do my best to answer questions and if I don’t know it I will find out for you. Keep in mind that Aruba Entry Requirements for Visitors can change at any time and that these are made by Aruba.

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